Living with Parkinson’s – an example of use of the narratives in a classroom

Anna Jones – Northumbria University: First year physiotherapy students at Northumbria University learn about living with Parkinson’s disease through the pictures and poetry of someone with the condition. Each time the material is used the lecturer contacts the story teller for an update to share with the students, making a link between the material and its creator.

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is about sharing experiences and opinions of health services and was founded by Paul Hodgkin a GP in Sheffield who wanted to make the wisdom and insights of patients, available to the NHS. The CETL4HealthNE established a link with Patient Opinion in 2009 and Anna Jones has used Patient Opinion website within her teaching. If you are interested in downloading a case study of how Anna Jones used the stories from Patient Opinion Website, you can download this here:

Patient Opinion website can be accessed by the following link:(

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Parkinson’s Disease Association (PDA) – Get It On Time Campaign: As a result of continuing links with the PDA the CETL4HealthNE has collected a number of narratives from members of local PDA groups in the region. These narratives and transcripts are now available through this website.