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Patient Opinion Case Study

Patient Opinion is about sharing experiences and opinions of health services and was founded by Paul Hodgkin a GP in Sheffield who wanted to make the wisdom and insights of patients, available to the NHS. The CETL4HealthNE established a link with Patient Opinion in 2009 and Anna Jones has used Patient Opinion website within her teaching. If you are interested in downloading a case study of how Anna Jones used the stories from Patient Opinion Website, you can download this here:

Patient Opinion website can be accessed by the following link:(

To download case study click here

Living with Parkinson’s Disease Illustrations

Ruth Nicholson is a person living with Parkinson’s disease. With these drawings she attempts to illustrate her experience of that condition and by clicking on the drawings, you can hear Ruth’s further account of the meaning of each drawing.

These materials also illustrate the innovative use of the narrative techniques that we hope will come to characterise the PWE workstream’s approach to the development of this resource.

Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 6

Please press the play button below to listen to Ruth Nicholson’s experience with parkinson’s disease

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Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 5

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Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 4

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Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 3

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Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 2

Ruth’s experience with parkinson’s disease

Ruth Nicholson’s Illustration 1

Ruth’s experience with parkinson’s disease

Thanks For Listening poem

Truly a lady, not at all what I expected.
Charming manners, not aloof, talks to you, not at you so one doesn’t feel rejected.
Approachable, composed, but thorough and in command.
Explains in plain language what one needs to understand so that each patient knows what changes are to be made and recorded.
This reassures one so much. PD is to be controlled. For the effort and time taken, this must be applauded.

The chemical imbalance becomes a tedium, a scourge.
Could a new science, shrinking things infinitely small, purge PD. And could a new way of treating PD, nanography or whatever its called, be found.
Accurately targeted to the special centres of the brain, quite powerful healing instructions to nurture stem cells be installed. Precision to strictly aim at curing PD, send it back to place from whence it came.
A restricted budget mustn’t be a reason to prevent research on a massive scale.

Dedication and wisdom and tenacity have always prevailed.
… will find solutions to problems where others have failed.
Thank you for you patience and caring and thoughtful repairing.

Ruth Nicholson

A Neurological Nightmare poem

A pain in the neck is what I’ve got
You may think to yourself so what
Spondylosis has been mentioned
And I’m sure twas good intentioned
Can somebody enlighten me please
Does ones health collapse at this disease
Problems galore beset me then
I’m lucky I can use this pen
My shoulder blade protrudes lopsided
My arm won’t swing, unless it’s guided
My shoulder girdle has no power
It gets weaker by the hour

My movements slow and sometimes stop
Affects my right leg, shall I hop?
Fingers frail and almost useless
Make my efforts seem quite hopeless
Like a tortoise getting ready
Cos my legs are not too steady
My neck aches when I lie in bed
And sad thoughts race through my head
Manipulative skills diminished
Dexterity now almost finished
Lots of things now I can’t do
Frustration at my plights breaks through
Right external ear sometimes goes numb

Balance not too good now chum
Need help a lot, to manage now
Can’t wash my hair or mop my brow
Need help with clothes, buttons and bows
Seems all my life’s skills ups and goes
Tremors in my arm and leg
Self conscious at needing to beg
For help to get well if I can
Is it too late to ask of man
What’s wrong with me, I’m in a mess
Let us just hazard a guess
Cerebral problems, tumour or stroke
Be serious this is no joke

This neurological wrangle
Which literally makes nerves jangle
Right foot plonks on the floor even harder
Couldn’t win a race, I’d be a no starter
Toes grip like claws on the carpet
They hurt from gripping so tight
Must adjust, now relax them, that’s right
I’m gradually getting worse
My husband now becomes my nurse
Well, can I get better? Or hearse?
I wake each day feeling sick
If I’m to expire, make it quick
Need to go with some dignity

Not get so that folk pity me
Goodbye cruel world, I shall say
Popped my clogs now I’m on my way
Hope to find peace at the end
Where nothing jars all harmoniously blends
Where the fetters of flesh are no more
No bars in the way of the door
Peace and happiness evermore
Absolution well may be overdue
What’s the answer? A concoction of hemlock stew.

Ruth Nicholson