Welcome to Talking Health Matters supported by CETL4HealthNE

The People with Experience work stream aims to involve CETL4HealthNE partners and voluntary sector groups in developing an online multimedia database of narrative resources related to individuals’ experiences of health and social care which will be used to support the learning of health and social care students studying in the North East.

The need to place first hand accounts of peoples’ experiences of health and social care at the centre of practice development, research, education and training agendas is widely acknowledged. Narrative interviews attempt to create a space where people can tell their stories as they wish with a minimum of direction. New digital multi-media technologies now provide a powerful way to capture both audio and visual histories, and permits users to search through material relevant to their own interests easily and quickly.

Storytelling has been acknowledged to be a powerful and enduring communication tool that has the capacity to support educators, students and others to reflect on and learn from experience and, in the process, deepen their understanding of practice and self. Audio-visual material captures the embodied human experience and helps to counteract the potential for seeing the individual as an object of study. Including the use of narratives from the archive appropriately within modules of study for future health and social care professionals aims to encourage them to routinely include the views of service users and carers in decision making about their individual treatment planning, and in the health of their communities. The projects area of the website will include information on how educators have used the narratives in their teaching.